The biggest problem in corporate America today is the lack of accountability. Too many companies are able to side skirt regulations and with no real oversight. Companies without proper training departments tend to have more occurrences of fraudulent activities than companies with trainers.

The most recent case of this is an oil company in California. The CEO of the company did not believe in training programs or ethics requirements for employees. He also encouraged employees to think “outside the box” when it came to unique ways for the company to save money.

As a result, the employees devised a way to secretly dump huge amounts of petroleum based waste in the ocean instead of properly discarding it like they were supposed to. It’s estimated that this egregious act might have killed more than five square miles of ocean wildlife and native growth.

If we don’t stand up to companies like this in order to protect our oceans, who will? Our ocean wildlife needs to be protected.

How to Promote Accountability

The first thing that should be done is to require that all large companies hire qualified trainers who can educate employees on ethical matters. The biggest force against corruption is a positive and ethical corporate culture. Employees who encourage other employees to do the right thing always create a stronger environment than employees who don’t.

The second thing that can be done is administer an ethics exam that employees are required to take and pass in order to do their job and perform their duties. The company CPA should examine the test rankings and enforce employees to retake the exam if they perform poorly. Ensuring that every employee is properly educated will go a long way to combatting future problems.

Lastly, the business and its executives need to be held accountable for their actions. If the CEO of the oil company looked the other way while he knew his employees were doing something illegal, he should face consequences. Likewise, the company itself should face financial consequences for its role in the events.

Accountability Will Save Us

By forcing businesses that pollute our oceans and earth to face consequences for their actions, we will be able to make sure future generations will be able to the wonders that we take for granted today.