Don’t Be a Bucket Head: Get Your Training Right!

Say you ran a small to mid-sized company that saw a big increase in sales around Christmas times—like most retail stores do each year. You employ anywhere from 50 to 150 employees and the holidays are your busiest time of the year.

Now, imagine I told you that your business had no company-wide training program for employees. There’s no system of training set up to educate employees how to deal with each other in terms of a conflict, a crisis, or just a general concern.

How would you describe that business owner? You might say he or she is a bucket head—and you would be right!

Today, I want to talk to you all about having good training programs and procedures in place for the Christmas season. This is many companies’ busiest time of the year, and having no employee training program can cause you to be inefficient and sometime ineffective at getting your product out there in the hands of Christmas and holiday shoppers.

Training 101: It Improves Efficiency

The first question train the trainers get when talking about the process is, how will the streamline our current system? After all, at the end of the day, everything comes down to dollars and cents.

Most people who implement some kind of employee train the trainer program see a huge increase in office-wide efficiency.

This generally happens for three reasons. The first reason is that people now know exactly where to go for any question they have around the company. Rather than take a problem to three or four different departments before finding the right contact, they can get things done right away.

This may sound like strange problem, but once businesses get larger and larger, they start to develop their own bureaucracies that bog down efficiencies and hold back the company as a whole. Employing office-wide training certification programs can help keep this problem in check.

The third way deals with the running and execution of meetings and strategic planning sessions. After an employee has gone through courses for train the trainers, they are much better prepared to run meetings and to do so in a collaborative way that gets input from all affected parties. This, too, streamlines knowledge sharing across departments that leads to a great level of efficiency.

Third, the workplace benefits from better conflict resolution. At any company, there will always be those employees who just can’t seem to get along, but keeping your employees adequately trained does wonders for this problem because it encourages each employee to take a look at the other perspectives of those in the company

You Still Have Time: Get Your Ship in Order

There is still time to correct any mistakes you made during the year before Christmas and New Year’s are over, but you are running out of time.

If you can’t make it for this year, the least you can do for you and your company is come up with a strategic plan for 2017. You won’t regret it!