On Naturally Generated Sound
Information on animal sounds, the importance of sound in finding a mate and echolocation.

A very hip website.

A brief overview about echolocation (also known as biosonar), which is used by animals to perform natural functions such as locating food and mates.

An in-depth look at the importance of sound to marine animals. This site has a comprehensive list of marine mammal sounds as well as media and teacher resources.

A piece about the change in the frequency of mating calls for Blue Whales. This dramatic change has scientists mystified, though some believe it is connected to the increase in the Blue Whale population and the competition for available females.

A fascinating op-ed piece about the way whales change their mating songs over a particular mating season.

A varied array of whale sound audio available for listening and downloading.

A scientist looks at the use of grammar in whale songs.

A look at the work of Bernie Krause, a leader in the field of biophony, the collective non-human sound made by an animal in its environment. The article describes the vital relationship between animal sounds and animal survival.

On Human Generated Sound
Information on human/industrial produced sound and its effects on animal life.

A detailed report by the Department of Interior’s Fish and Wildlife Service and the U.S. Air Force on the effects of aircraft noise on domestic animals and wildlife.

A Congressional report presented by the US National Park Service about the effects of aircraft noise on the wildlife in our National Parks.

An article about noise pollution’s destructive role in the mating of birds.

A compelling article about the importance of silence and the way it is quickly vanishing from our busy lives.

An overview of the effects of noise pollution on animals.

A report in “US News” about how human noise is distracting animals from their routines.

An overview of how marine mammals hear and how sound works in the water.

A look at the work of Gordon Hempton who studies the disappearance of quiet from the natural world and how the increase in noise effects both animals and humans.

On Animal Life and Bioacoustics
Information on how fish and underwater mammals hear.

Sea animals and sound.

A great look at the process of testing marine animals’ hearing.

An article on how killer whales have adapted their use of sound to compensate for their prey’s excellent hearing.

A look at how some fish hear and vocalize at the same time.

Here is a brief overview of the mechanics of how fish hear.

Some facts on the way whales hear.

This article looks at the use of fossils to study the evolution of hearing in whales.

On the Structure and Life of the Sea.
Information on the overlap and effects of physical structures and animal life in the Arctic Ocean.

An exploration of the possible impact of wind turbine structures in Maine’s coastal Oceans.

A scientific paper investigating the behavior of fish around manmade structures, such as piers and docks in New York’s Hudson Bay.

A scientific study on the construction of artificial islands in Dubai and the impact of these massive man-made structures on the sea life in the Arabian Gulf.