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Polar Bears

Polar BearPolar Bears are one of the largest land predators in the world. These beautiful and ferocious icons of the Arctic can grow to be over ten feet tall and weigh over 1,400 pounds.

The polar bear is an amazing swimmer and will battle the sea far from shore. Some have been seen in the open water over a hundred miles from land.

They have an extremely well developed sense of smell and can detect seals over a mile away and buried under three feet of snow. Seals are their main food source though they have been known to climb cliffs and eat birds, chicks and eggs. Nothing stops these creatures from finding food. They have been seen eating rodents, reindeer, shellfish, crabs, and even other polar bears.

But finding food is becoming harder and harder for polar bears who rely on sea ice for hunting. As the planet warms, the Arctic ice is disappearing and it is feared that soon the Polar Bear will disappear along with it.

Listen to the sounds of a polar bear:

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